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Bob I have had some talks with gun friendly LEO's. Once while working as a lineman with a cable contracting company a tree branch ripped my shirt to shreds. I was working less than block from the jail/sherriff's department. One saw my gun in the holster, and wlaked close enough to my side to keep my gun out of sight. He never asked to see my permit. When I asked him why he stated that he saw a nice gun, in a nice holster. That to him said permit holder. He liked my gun, and holster.

Other times cops I know, and see at the range will ask what I am carrying, and I let them shoot my guns at the range. I have had way more good experiences than negative here in Texas. I was stopped in Kentucky on a traffic stop. Showed my CHL, and the officer was pleasant, he asked what I was carrying. I told him a custom 1911, in a Cross Breed Super Tuck. He asked to see as he was considering a new holster. I safely cleared the gun let him fondle, and drool over it, and showed him my holster. He gave me a warning, and sent me on my way.
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