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If you mean hydrographic transfer, aka: "dipping", most films are durable, but depend heavily upon the skill of the applicator - it's more than a simple, one-step process.

The better applicators place any seam/junction so that it falls in a hidden area, like barrel channel, etc.

I had Bell & Carlson do a Remington Seven in Realtree* for $85 several years ago, got a fast-return job - and it showed zero wear or other issues in the three years I shot/hunted with it, before I sold the rifle for other interests.

Last year, I googled the process for another company, since B&C no longer does the dipping, and found a fella in MI that advertized a "special" of $75 to do a 2-piece stock.
While that job turned out "okay", it took 8 weeks & several back/forths before I received my finished stock(s) - because (I presume) the applicator was running 2-3 different business' concurrently, and was therefore always running behind.
Live/learn - I wouldn't use that particular vendor again.

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