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Missed deals

With prices what they are as of late, I can hardly help but remember some of the deals I've missed on various firearms throughout the past couple of years... Just figured I would buy one "later"

2007 - used to see rows and rows of $300 AK47's at local gun shows, now guns of the same quality are going for $1000. I told myself to just buy one (I actually purchased a bayonet) since I'm interested in both the history of the gun and the fun of shooting it, but I never wanted to lay the cash down, course I was a pizza delivery guy at the time and not exactly swimming in it. I braught a Mosin M44 for $80 instead as a "first" gun. Hated it and couldn't shoot it worth a damn (that side mounted bayonet is too funky for me) and sold it last year for $185 to finance a shotgun purchase.

2009- saw a gently used USP in .40 cal. $400! It was a great deal and I love the USP, but the .40 kind of turned me off, I was looking for a .45 or a 9mm. I should have just jumped on the deal, I was just married and we were flush with cash.

2010 - saw what I think was a 1950's Smith and Wesson K-frame in good condition (probably 75-80%) at the local hardware store for $310. I wasn't sure about a revolver back then, being something of a "ninja" but now I love old SW revolvers and I have been kicking myself ever since I went back the next week to see the gun gone...

So what deals did you not jump on when you had the chance?
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