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My Love for the UZI

Since the late 1950s the UZI has served many very well. Its a weapon more compact then a rifle yet has a 100 yard range and can fire short bursts with near zero muzzle climb. Anyone within ten minutes can accurately fire short bursts into a pie plate 100 yards away. Designed for the battlefield it is more rugged then the AR15 variants.

Many Americans look at the UZI as a joke but there is a reason why over 10 million copies have been produced and used in over a hundred different countries...its because it simply works.

When I am overseas on contract my primary weapon is the uzi. I could choose an AR or an AK series rifle but why bother? The AR is not all that reliable. The US Marines have creative acronyms to describe the AR such as fubar. The AK is heavy...bulky and bad for cqb. The 9mm round is especially deadly when fired in a 4-5 round burst. A burst from the uzi will certainly stop any man in his tracks as well or better than any rifle. Try taking a 4 round burst to the chest. Even if you are wearing body armor no way you are left standing with 4 +p+ rounds hitting you.

The uzi will eat any 9mm unlike the venerable MP5. You can put +P+ in the UZI unlike the mp5. You can also change barrels to any pistol caliber you like. 32, 40, 50, 100 round mags...your choice. For contract work I go with the 40 round variety.
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