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So I was just reading the law. I have a mini 14, no folding stock, so that is not an assault rifle. But it has a flash suppressor so it is an assault rifle, if the barrel is threaded. I just took a punch and removed the flash suppressor, so it is not an assault rifle. But if I don't fill the punch hole and keep the suppressor, it is an assault rifle.
Here is the law, or a lot of it. See if your weapon is on the list and then name it "Lucille" and it will be fine:

"First they came for my neighbor because he murdered his wife with a frozen pork loin, and I said nothing. Then he called me to bail him out, and I said nothing. Then they asked me to testify and I said nothing. Then his 27 year old daughter came over in a bikini looking to be comforted, and I said nothing."

Oh, I could go on.
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