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Regarding dies, recently I bought and used several types of sizing dies for my 223 to see what gave me best accuracy. I went from least expensive (Lee Collet) to rather expensive (Redding FL bushing die). I got best accuracy using the Lee Collet die. That doesn't make my testing the final answer to what works best for you, but since the Lee die is the cheapest, you might as well start with that one. I loaded and shot enough ammo from that die and the others that when the smoke cloud drifted away, I was quite sure of the final result - Lee Collet Die won. I fired hundreds of reloads to get to that conclusion.

That said, pretty much any of the available dies will give you good ammo if you set it up and use it properly. For my rifle, in order, from most accurate to least accurate: Lee Collet Die, Redding FL Bushing Die, Redding FL Die (standard type), Redding Neck Sizing Die (standard type), Redding FL Die used for Partial Resizing. Partial resizing works best on cases with more body taper than the 223 case has. Partial resize a case with little taper and you will most likely cause the case shoulder to move forward, causing some degree of crush fit when you close the bolt. I believe, right or wrong, that when the shoulder is forced into the end of the chamber, you are negatively impacting accuracy.

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