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Frankly, I think you are way light, like it might squib. Hodgdon shows on their site:
135 - lo 6.0 hi 6.6
150 - lo 5.2 hi 5.5

These are JHP and I ignored the 140 Barnes data because Barnes bully's seem to cause high pressure for some reason. Cast and jacket are different, but overlap some..You should call them, but my experience say start at 5.2 and go .2gr increments to 6.0 max or 1200 fps max. With cast bullets, ideal velocity is likely 1050-1100fps anyways.

Don't just do what I said. Do your homework, call Hodgdon and work up a safe load. In 40, my guns will give primer drag marks when a load is too hot. Know how your gun tells you to back off.
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