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Resurrecting my own old thread as an update. I borrowed a set of Lyman weights to test my scale. It had issues. I have fixed the issues(user-don't ask) and also purchased a digital scale. When I dropped a charge with my powder dispenser at the weights I thought I was throwing, I found that I was throwing about 1.5 grains more than I thought. So my max loads were actually overcharged. I also went with Hornady's recommended charges for that bullet instead of Hodgdon's. Hornady recommended lower charges. After loading up several different charges of H355, I found that the most accurate and consistent charge in my gun with the Hornady 55gr SP is 21.8gr. Velocity averages about 2550 fps on my buddy's old chrony. His new one shows about 75 fps faster. The higher charges threw bullets all over the place. Thanks Steve4102 for pointing me in the right direction.
Now I have several loaded with H322 for my next trip to the range. And I checked those weights on both scales to make sure they both agreed.

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