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The fore end is either a replacement or has been worked on; it is not original.

The rifle is a pump action repeater, not a single shot, though the repeating mechanism might be out of order (many are - the action is fragile). The picture of the right side shows the way the rifle is loaded. Cartridges are put into the loading block one at a time, then the block is moved back to the left and the rifle is ready to pump and fire.

Edited to clarify: To load, a cartridge is pushed into the loading block until its rim snaps under the spring seen in the picture. Then the next cartridge is loaded the same way, pushing the previous one forward into the tubular magazine. When the magazine tube is full, the loading block is pushed to the left and the pump action worked to chamber the first round. There is no way to load the magazine from the front as is common in most tubular magazine .22 rifles today.

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