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Bob Wright
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This happened to me.........

I related this entire story on another forum, so here is a condensed version.

I was having coffee with a friend last Friday morning, sitting on the patio of the coffee shop. Inside were two Memphis Police officers having coffee, and I had exchanged pleasantries with them a moment or two before. One of the officers came out and approached me, and very politely told me he had a two dollar bet with his partner. What the bet was about was if I had a gun or a Leatherman on my side.

He grinned broadly when I told him it was a gun, and said I had won the bet for him, and asked me to lift my jacket for his partner, who was still inside, to see. I did so and he went back inside, apparently collecting his two dollars.

As they left they stopped an chatted a moment and asked how well could I use my Ruger.

My friend added the kicker. He said I could out shoot all three of them combined, I was "a shootist."

Sort of made my day.

Some folks were horrified at my story, wondering why they didn't have me up against the patrol car and frisking me.

First of all, neither saw a gun. They had to ask to be sure, they saw leather. Not enough "probable cause."

And he asked me to expose my gun, which in Tennessee, in entirely legal.

The whole thing was just one very nice experience.

Bob Wright
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