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Yep, LEE Classic Turret for all the reason's mentioned and one more. All REDDING presses use a feature called Top-Dead-Center, that means that with every stroke you hit a point where all of the linkage tolerances and flexing are removed to give the greatest consistency for OACL and crimping. LEE added that feature to the Classic Cast and the Classic Turret that I own along with a REDDING Boss single stage. The Classic Turret is great for starting out in single stage, then progressing into auto index semi progressive loading.

I hardily agree with the die recommendation that Nathan made, except that I only buy REDDING dies now. They cost a little more because they are made of higher quality materials and tolerances. Many don't know it, but REDDING uses Titanium Carbide in their pistol dies that are designated "Carbide". Titanium is the hardest carbide and should not be confused with Hornady's Titanium Nitride which is simply a titanium coating on the sizing ring just as titanium nitride is used for high speed drill bits. Titanium Carbide is the hardest and slickest carbide available in reloading dies, it will require a little less effort in resizing and offer a longer lifespan over Tungsten Carbide.
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