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Why do these type of threads always end up in the dumpster? Either you are not manly enough to shoot the .348 bo-zinga or you only have it because of inadequate genitalia. If you ain't like me, you must be wrong. Funny, when I hunt deer with my X-Frame folks accuse me of the genitalia thingy, but when I take the .357 these same folk tell me I am under-gunned and I'm leaving the woods filled with maimed animals dieing a slow painful death. When I take the .44, I get a little bit of both. I finally have come to the conclusion that some folks just need to criticize other folk's choices in order to try and validate their own.

Me, I care less what folks use as long as it's legal and ethical. While it may work for them and not for me, it don't make them wrong, it just makes them not me. I ain't gotta problem with that.
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