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I have a Lee Classic Turret fyi. Sounds like I don't really need to alter the methods I've used to load my FMJ rounds.
Cricoid, that's correct except that if you use a taper crimp with cast lead bullets you want need as much for the cast lead bullets. I don't recommend the use of the LEE Factory Crimp die, either, because as stated, with varying thicknesses in brass and very slighly different diameters with cast lead bullets, you may end up resizing bullets that are under diameter for the bore. You really do need to slug your bores though. When you know what the groove dia. is for the barrel, it's pretty hard to get into trouble with leading so long as your bullets are .001" above groove dia.

9mm is the only caliber where I don't use cast lead. I don't do BunnyFart loads in 9mm. I use JHPs exclusively because bought in bulk they're rarely more than the cost of FMJ and now plated bullets are approaching those prices, so it's JHPs and cast lead for me. I buy and can recommend Missouri Bullets. If you go to their website, they give an easy to understand explanation on how to determine Brinnel hardness according to the pressure level you're loading at. That's about it, no big mystery in using cast lead, just make sure you crimp in the groove provided for roll crimping and a very little or no taper crimp is required for autoloading cartridges, just remove any flare.
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