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Well, I took apart all my dies and cleaned them with Hornady One Shot. I also picked up a Redding taper crimp die and now I'm seating and crimping in separate steps. I ran a few test rounds through and they all seem to sit pretty well now.

I rubbed some drier sheets over the all of the auto disk parts and hopper and that seemed to solve the static issues I was seeing. I also sprayed some powdered graphite through the powder through dies pieces. I emptied 10 cases and then tested 10 more and each was consistent within 1 grain. I haven't made any live rounds yet to see if it holds up, but all this prep has been promising.

I have one more question - should I be using lube on my 9mm cases? I put a little Lee case sizing lube on one case and the sizing die seemed to work a little smoother. I have a carbide sizing die so I thought I didn't need it, but the Redding taper crimp die called for slight lubrication by lubing every 5th case or so.
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