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How do you store your BP?

I store my subs just like my smokeless powders, but getting ready to make the jump to Holy Black.

I got the 2007 ATF orange book as a .pdf on my desktop and just looking for a reality check.

As an unlicensed citizen I can make and use as a sporting propellant (but not sell) my own BP in quantities more than adequate for my needs. I am likely to burn maybe three or four pounds of pistol powder this year, but I can have up to 50.

Catch is by the letter of the law I am supposed to store my BP in a class IV magazine. But I don't think any primers are allowed to be stored in a class 4, class 4 is for low explosives only.

So my question is does anyone store their loaded BP ammunition in an ATF certifiable class 4 powder magazine, or do you reckon loaded ammunition is more or less exempt in reasonable quantities, sort of each brass case with copper lid is its own wee tiny magazine, plus the primers probably shouldn't ever be in a class 4 magazine anyway?

On the one hand I want to all up my local ATF office and on the other hand I don't.
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