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Well as you can tell, there are plenty of folks shooting lead with little to no issues what so ever. My first dip into lead bullets for the most part cost me 20 years of not even looking at them. I shot 4 of the first 6 rounds through my 41 mag of some custom heavy cast bullets, and literally had strings that looked like tensil hanging out of the muzzle. It took me two weeks to get it all out. Of course back then I hadn't heard of Chore boy and my internet surfing was about on par with my cast bullet shooting.

Then several years ago I got started shooting some in my 454 Casull. They were very well made commercial, and came highly recommended. After shooting several hogs with them I was hooked. Trouble was, with the way I like to shoot, I simply couldn't afford the $35 prer hundred that they cost. I started reading and like you asking questions. It took me about a year to gather up my materials and tools, and pour up my first.

Well that was around three years ago, and I have learned a TON since and am now pouring and shooting several types for all of my handguns.

THe commercial folks do a decent job of getting you pretty close to what you need. Most folks as mentioned have little issue what so ever. Give it a try, at worst you might lead up a bore, but it really is easy to scrub out with a copper chore boy strand wrapped around a bronze brush. Just be sure it's copper and not copper plated steel.

THe best reason to get into it, is like has already been mentioned, you will not be captive to what is on the store shelf, or the price they want you to pay. Scroung up what you can and if need be purchase what you need, and you will have your own bullets when you need them from now on.
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