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Out where I live we have a lot of road hunters who will drive around in their 4x4 and blow things away with their ridiculously overpowered magnums and brag about it as well. This is also not hunting. I have personally stopped a few that drive around my neck of the woods and told them that a real man would hunt like one.

I also know a lot of land owners with tree stands on their own property who make a weekend of sitting in their 4ftx4ft box drinking whiskey and harvesting their game meat for the year. This unfortunately is not hunting either.

This past season I can proudly say I spent 8 days in the bush with nothing more than what I could carry on my back and filled all my tags. I believe that "roughing it" is the most rewarding way to hunt.

I think if you can't make your shot with what you can carry around in the woods for days at a time then you have no business to hunt with it. The handicap for hunters to deer is already a little unbalanced having a firearm and all ... Why cheat?

/End rant
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