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The gun is a Westernfield 550AG (basically a bare bones Mossberg 550/500 with no frills. Not even a buttpad!
I only paid 100 Bucks for it so if I have to buy some acessories like a buttpad, so be it.
I'll end up with a 19" barrel giving a 40" overall length in the end. I dunno if I'll even reblue it and paint the alloy reciever?
The gun has been used and the little dings in the wood add character to it and since it's to be a working/fun gun why get it too pretty? My first project gun is a very nice Stoger Uplander 20 ga SxS. I was going to build this H/D/ fun gun out of it but just couldn;t saw and all to such a nice little English Double? I decided it was better to just look for another gun and use the Uplanded as-is.
When I literally stumbled over this 30inch barreled Westernfield I grabbed it as it's basically a Mossberg 500! Ward's didn't spe'c any frills.
I have habit of making a sows ear into a jeweled handbag and I am not going to spend that sort of restoration money on this one when there are many pristinr pumpguns at the Hockshop for $250... Besides it'll be kinda nice to have a "Beater" that you don't care if you scratch while using it for what it's for!
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