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My "Wish List" falls in the realm of fantasy. Guns I wish gunmakers would make.
1. Ruger GP100 with a 2.5" barrel, 7 chambered cylinder, adjustable sights.
2. Taurus 608 with a 2.5" barrel.
3. Stoeger, Mitchell, Anybody start making new stainless steel Lugers and Broomhandle Mausers.
4. Somebody, Anybody start making Longslide 1911s with 7" barrels.
5. S&W bring back the Model 19 with updated metallurgy so it's stronger than the original. (I hate the 686)
6. Sig 238 or Colt Mustang Pocketlite to be made with a grip safety as well as the frame safety so I could feel better about carrying it cocked and locked.
7. ParaOrdnance to make a micro .380 1911 with their LDA trigger.
8. New Webley MK. VI. in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths and frame sizes.
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