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Brian, I think you are right. I got "carried away" somewhat. However, there are a fair number of questions about 1,000 yard rifles, and some are intended for hunting.

Some years ago there was a discussion about that on some forum. A guide who defended it posted a picture of his dad, and another man beside a road with heavy tripods, that would be used for heavy instruments, and the men with their guns and deer that had been shot at 1,000 yds.. He was proud of that. I could not imagine anything sporting about that type of hunting.

I admit that I do not know any hunters who hunt like that either.

Seeing a 7 year old hunting from a "room" type stand over a planted field and shoot a buck then bragged upon is disgusting to me. Such taking of game is not hunting, but just shooting, and takes no hunting skills.

I guess this is OT as to why the .300, however.

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