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I shoot 20 rounds a year because they cost a fortune and I rarely have time to go shooting, I work on guns, mostly guts, and was just double checking before I forked out 80 bucks, but apperently I can't ask a simple question without someone being an ass. I mean for Christs sakes it was just supposed to be a simple question
My first response was direct and polite. It wasn't until after you already got your attitude and told two other different members to "get over it" that my reply went south. Remember, you reap what you sow.

Do you know what a Paradox is? It's like saying you can't afford to pay for more than 20 rounds of ammo for a gun in a year, but then in the same sentence are ready to put $80 on a pair of grips that don't really belong on it. I'm thinking that and other similar statements, along with the poor grammar, lack of punctuation and appropriate capitalization in your posts makes folks leery of your authenticity. Get over it.
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