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A pause for the COZ
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A pause for the COZ,

Try skipping lubing in the Star and just use Lee Liquid Alox (or White Label Xlox lube). It seems to work well even on bullets without the little tumble lube micro bands, especially at handgun pressures and velocities. If the bullets fit the gun, try skipping sizing, too. I find that bullets I can shoot unsized are typically most accurate and lead least.
I can lube them just fine in my RCBS LAM. So I have options.

I have found my needs for 45acp have increased by a factor of 4.
My son found out how fun it is to shoot a 45acp carbine....

What I have been working on/at installing and using a Hornady bullet feeder on my progressive. With cast bullets.

I have upgraded my Mold to a 4 cavity.
I Upgraded to a Star lube sizer
Added a heater and hard lube. ( for the feed die)

If I can get the bullets lubed with out a mess I pretty much have it fixed.
If not maybe a HG46 mold will be in order.
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