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Im told i need not trim brass every times i shoot and all my brass is once fired by me, but some are factory reloads. Any tips? I am looking for a good EASY and fast trimmer/pocket cleaner/ etc. any suggestions? Also i have heard that the case gage is good to let me know if a case needs trimmimg?
If your brass is between minimum and maximum length after resizing, no need to trim.

Looking for a good EASY fast trimmer? Try Possum Hollow or WFT trimmers, if they make one for your caliber. If not, Lee hand trimmers with the mandrel work really good once you chuck the holder into a drill.

For cleaning primer pockets, stainless steel tumbling media seems to be the way to go. Not cheap on the setup, but I've seen nothing that works as good.

And case gauges are a really good way to know if the case needs trimming. Also a good way to get a good measurement on how much your dies are working the brass.

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