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You know I don't blame a guy for stockpiling, this kind of ammunition shortage might last past the next presidential election especially if the country stays blue and keep pursuing "Common Sense Gun Control." I stockpiled a bunch of reloading supplies when Obama got elected the first time, but unfortunately I sold off a lot of my bullets when I was trying to sell my house and know I'm left looking for bullets. Luckily I didn't sell off my stockpiles of primers, powder, or brass.

When the craziness all hit I was working in TX. I went to the local Academy Sports and started stockpiling because it hadn't got as crazy in TX as CO at that time. I managed to get about 5k .22 LR and 2k .22 WMR saved up, and I'm always looking for more since I can't reload this ammunition. I was buying up as much .30 Carbine as I could find as well until I stockpiled 3K of it since they weren't limiting my purchase of it I bought everything they had several times. I went to other gun stores as well as Wal-Mart and bought .38, .357, and 9mm in large quantities because I wasn't reloading for it since I only owned a single stage press.

However I did decide to boycott one LGS down in Lubbock as I saw there employees fill up two shopping carts full of ammunition one morning at Academy and purchase all the AR's they could. That was before Academy started limiting the amount of ammunition you could purchase and limit the AR's to one per customer first come first serve. I think stores that limit purchases are doing a big favor for there customers, sure you may not get everything you want but at least you might find something you can use.

My local Sportsman's Warehouse limits customers to one bulk box or two regular boxes of ammunition per SKU, 1K primers per SKU, and one 8lb keg or 2lbs of reloading powder per SKU. I just wish they would limit the bullets for reloading for the same to two boxes or one bulk box per SKU as well as brass. Since they have done that I've been able to pick up 5lbs of powder that I can use, 1K of small pistol primers, and a couple more boxes of .357 Mag ammunition this last week. I've purchased as well all the dies to reload my .357 and .30 carbine there this week as well. I had to go elsewhere but I managed to score Lee Classic Turret press as a new Dillon or Hornady progressive isn't in the budget or in stock most places. It will make reloading pistol so much easier than doing it on a single stage press.

I don't care how much you have stockpiled, I still say buy what you can afford when you find it. I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better. I only hope when this shakes out in the end the 2nd Amendment and its supporters are the winners.
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