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My .22 ammo is back in my gun safe!

Last year, well before "the madness", I started a thread here asking where folks kept their ammo. I had been using my gun safe but I had hit the tipping point where I was buying another S&W revolver and either a gun or some ammo had to be stored somewhere else.

The response to my question was amazing. Ammo was being stored in boxes, on shelves, in closets, under mattresses, but very few were using valuable gun safe space. I decided to follow suit and moved all my ammo to my closet...

That was then; this is now. It's been so long since I've seen .22 ammo on a store shelf that I've reluctantly moved my last brick of .22 target ammo back to my gun safe. It's actually become more valuable than some of my guns...

I was standing in line at a Cabela's last week at opening time because I actually NEEDED some ammo and was very disappointed to find in conversation with others in line that they all had huge stocks of ammo but were trying to buy more! One guy had been unable to sleep at night and had gone to his Walmart at 3am only to discover they had just received an ammo shipment. He went home, woke his wife and son, and they all rushed back to Walmart to buy the max. He already had 1000's of rounds of everything he was shooting. When I suggested he might start staying at home for awhile and let some of the rest o us get some ammo, he just smiled...

We are our own worst enemies...
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