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I really could not see myself doing this hobby with out reloading cast bullets. Even if you have to buy lead. ( I do)
Your cost still is at least 1/2 of purchased lead bullets. And jacketed are not even on the radar.
Last time I figured it out I have it down to around $4.80 for a box of 50 45acp loads.

But here is the biggest benefit. I HAVE AMMO!!! When I need it and I am not beholden to a supply chain.
I have 500 pounds of lead under the bench. ( Thats 25000 125gr bullets)I can make any bullet I need when I need it.

Another plus:
The friction caused by a lead bullet travailing down a barrel is a order of magnitude less than a jacketed bullet.
That equals extended barrel life. As a matter of fact, I dont expect to ever wear out any of my barrels.

Yes there is a learning curve. But after your done, your self sufficient.

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