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If you can't get Military style semi-autos, then there are other semi-autos they will do the job fine, which is what I'd go for if that was my options.
Due to our laws there really aren't, we can't get semi-autos that even resemble military style guns, or ones that have a military background.

even the mini14 is banned

we have different ammo-classes reqiured for different game
class1 basically 6.5x55 and above for boar, moose, deer, bear etc
class2: .223 and below

and there aren't really any common civilian looking rifles in .223

Regardless there is no point in a semi-auto hunting rifle for me in .223 as the kind of hunting I do with a class2 rifle is stalking/sniping

Now for class 1, boar and such on a driven hunt, a semi would be great, have hunted some with a benelli argo in 9.3x62, would trust that rifle even bear hunting, but wold be okey with a straight pull to (if these ar15 were able to swap barrels/CALIBRE
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