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I think you need to review Newton's Third. In all these years, it has not changed. That is to say, if it kicks a lot harder, that is your answer right there.
uuups - indeed, making a point there... Still, the question is whether the additional challenge in terms of handling is worth the few extra ft/lbs (or joules, as I would put it) it doubtlessly brings.

Typically, a .380 out of short barrel (say 2,5 inches)will bring something around 240j (~178 ft/lbs).

In contrast, a 9mm performs at around 550j (~407 ft/lbs) out of full size service gun's barrel (say, a G17). The question is: How significant is the drop of ME with a barrel, say, half the lenght?

Alas, all the data I could find is ft/s and grain, and it is a real pain calculating the ME out of these (so much easier with metric data)
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