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Dakota- I'm at a loss on the Kahr mag-prep thing too. Shoot the Kahr and see how it does.

I really hope it does well for you. A thing or two does come to mind about your dilema... I don't know your shooting experience, but is there any chance the pistols are sensitive to wrist-flip (limp wristing)? If the obstacle to overcome is with your technique, then it would be my honest opinion to look at makes and models which are known not to be prone to such incidents.

And while I understand the "feel" you describe is important- I'm not so big on "looks". In my mind "reliability", "shootability", "concealability", and then "feel" wins out. You said both were contenders for carry employment- please do not continue to hold with that school of thought. Neither one at this time demonstrates even the remotest semblance of reliability. I realize you have a pretty goood chunk of coin invested in these pistols, but until either one can function through at least 100rnds- they are NOT ready to serve in a 'save your bacon' role.

A phrase comes to mind that was posted my a member here several years ago comes to mind- "Go ahead and wear a $20 helmet if you think you have a $20 head." Yes, I know that applies to motorscooters (and forgive me for not remembering the members name)- but can you see how it applies?

A feller needs a handgun that will work when YOU want it to, not the other way around. Please let us know if the Kahr comes back from the next range trip in top condition.
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