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Look, once you get the proper bullet shape, size and weight set up for your particular gun, you can crank out those suckers by the hundreds and shoot for a fraction of what even factory cast lead bullets would cost.

Three years ago I bought a 500ct box of FMJ for my CZ. It cost $60 back then. When I ran out, the store was sold out and I was stuck with having to buy ammo off the shelf, a real hit to the wallet. At that point I realized how dependent most people are on external sources for ammo and I wanted to buck that issue. I haven't fired a jacketed bullet since.

Honestly leading isn't that big a deal. You get a Chore Boy and wrap it around a bronze brush and scrub vigorously for a few seconds.

I should add I cast my own 9mm, 45acp and 7.62x39 from wheelweights. It's time consuming but worth it.
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