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Yes, I helped cause it. Being a pessimist by nature (the gun 'bug' began in '07: age 52), my ammo buying began in '08 and mostly stopped in '11.
I bought six boxes of British .303 in December before the last place raised prices.

So much military surplus ammo has disappeared: i.e. .303, Nato 7.62. The UN Small Arms Treaty has motivated some countries to block exports, and the Treaty has paid to have some countries destroy heaps of ammo and milsurp rifles.

Awareness of US massacres in the '90s along with some after 2000 were not forgotten (by some of us).
Politicians' and media responses to massacres at Tucson, Portland and Aurora should have grabbed the attention of every US gun owner. People assumed that Columbine or VA Tech would be the last school targets? Most schools are easy targets for psychos. But Senators' kids attend schools with armed guards....

I hear that most young people don't try to look at evening news, or skim through a newspaper, do they?
Well, newspapers don't have buttons to play with, but the trouble signs (to buy ammo or a desirable gun) were very clear-not everyday, but with a tragic frequency.

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