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Old dog learning new tricks

I bring greetings from the 'southest' shore of the north coast. I was born at a very early age with nothing and still have most of it. I've lived under the last 13 presidents of the US and I love my country while detesting politics. I have a grown son and daughter that I'm very proud of and 5 grandkids grade school to college age. I've had a variety of vocations and avocations with my training in engineering and my love in physics. I owned and operated a small steel fabricating company for 13 years and spent 5 years in the physics department of a local university before venturing into a recreational sport business for 7 years. I've been civically active most of my life and sat on everything from recreation commissions to school board, to being emergency preparedness director and founded and chaired a local development corporation in a major US city for 8 years. I have remorse for things I've done and regrets for things I didn't do. This all seems like a lot until I realize how long it took to do them but I still have time to screw up some more things.

As for my firearms, I've carried since I came out of the service almost a half century ago and do it legally now that there are CCW laws. After a short read-bout this site it's apparent there's a good bunch of knowledgeable folks here and I hope to pick your brains and get to know some of you better.

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