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Before bullets were coated (jacketed), they all were just lead.

Some cartridges started as lead bullets. Others just do well with lead bullets.

There are many reasons to use lead bullets and some are very good reasons.
There are many reasons NOT to use lead bullets and a couple may be valid.

Of the rounds you have listed, they all are candidates for the use of lead.

Lower costs are a very good point. Always having a source is another (cast them any time you need bullets).

There is an art to many aspects of lead. But for most of us, it is a very simple change over from jackets to lead. I have never made 'paper patched' lead bullets and I have been loading for 55 years.

I will pick on one of my favored bullets, the .45 ACP. The old war house is not mandated to have velocity to expand. It is big and does the job, hard metal jacket or just lead. My 200 grain lead .45 loads run less than 900 Feet per second and don't expand (guess they do if shot at rock or steel). The 230 grain FMJ .45 doesn't expand ether (same exceptions). So which is better?

I have shot home cast .375 280 gran lead out of a .375 H&H Mag. It makes an excellent deer stopper.

Lead isn't for everyone. Can't think of why off hand.


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