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I have owned three Kahrs so far (fourth is on order) and only had problems with a PM45, and that was only with certain JHP ammo.

That said, most of the Kahr problems I have read about were with .40s. The .40s are built on the same frame as the 9s, and while the 9s work, the 40s are iffy.

The PM9s, CM9s, CW9s, and the MKs generally work fine. The P45s, CW45s, likewise. The .40s...crap shoot.

All that said, after owning four Kel-Tecs (one each first and second gen P3ATs, one P32 and one P11) Krap-Tec will never again see a dime of my money.

Not. One. Dime.
Not. A. Chance. In. Hell.
Are we clear?
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