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Now there are even guns which could be considered mouse guns dimension-wise while being packed with 9mm, or even .40 S&W and .45 ACP.
I think our definition of mouse guns may differ. By my definition, an LCP is right on the edge of being a "mouse gun". Anything smaller gets in the door, regardless of caliber. Anything larger (even if it is a .25), sorry.
It is not the caliber, it is the size and weight.

Quote: a 9mm out of a, say, 2.5 inch barrel that much stronger than a .380, taking into consideration that the .380 was originally designed for short barrels while the 9mm must exhaust an enourmous (sic) amount of unburned powder, propelling the bullet only a little more...? At the same time, in any case, the 9mm is going to kick a lot harder...
I think you need to review Newton's Third. In all these years, it has not changed. That is to say, if it kicks a lot harder, that is your answer right there.
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