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FAMAS for me. During my time in the service, I never did have a problem with it. Uses DI just like the AR, so I don't see what the problem is there. Sure, the rearward magazine well took a bit of getting used to, but after some training all was fine. The carrying handle was a bit odd, we called it the bugle (Clarion). The charging handle to be placed under the carrying handle was a bit cumbersome with winter gloves, but like everything else it was ok after training. I carried it in Bosnia and overall it was a fine weapon, it shot accurately and I remember I liked the 3-shot bursts. I can remember we had a couple of joint training sessions with German troops in Metkovic and they seemed to like it.

The one thing I did NOT like, it the ejection of spent casings was erratic and sometimes violent...they went everywhere. I think it had more to do with the ejector/extraction rather than the ammunition, but it did fire French made ammo better. Some casings has a nice scratch along the side.

A cousin of mine currently in the Army and having done 2 tours of Afghanistan, says that now few people like the upgraded FAMAS. The upgrade to G2 (I carried the F1) and modification for STANAG was very good, but adoption of FELIN has revealed limitations as to the gadgetry it can support, and unfortunately now everyone wants gadgets.

I've wanted one to add to my French collection, and I saw one on GB a few months ago, a Century Arms inport of the early 1980s...reserve was 10k.

Above retarded video reference is retarded. Let him volunteer to go to Mali, see how he does then mock us, after a few history lessons, preferably via boot to face.

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