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if I were to rely on only one.

Hey guys I have two guns that consider good enough in general to carry. A kahr cw40 amd a keltec 9mm.
I love the way the kahr feels and looks. However it has been a nightmare out of the box. Would fire then then eject and reload and slide would hang up after 5 rounds it wouldn't even load any longer.sent it to kahr and they reworked the barrel it got better but would not rapid fire i would have to shoot then eject the round it would try to load and load a new one and thats the only way it would work......sent it back again. Haven't shot it yet but this time the store owner personally ran 50 rounds through it and said it was good. It seems to slide better now and overall feels smoother

Now the keltec in the first 20 rounds had a couple failure to feed after that its been flawless.

The kahr feels better but the keltec works better so far.... kahr as a whole is supposed to be better quality than keltec right? I am thinking of selling one and would like to stick to one caliber since rounds are so hard to find. So maybe only get 9mm firearms or only 40. I have a 22 rifle and wouldn't mind a good 22 pistol for fun. What do you guys think? What would you do?
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