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Stayed abou the same

I did purchase 2 50 round boxes at Walmart about 7 weeks ago for $17.99 each and I happened to run across a full shelf of PMC bronze .223 in Cabela's the end of February. The associate was just loading the shelf and I picked up 4-20 round boxes for $8.99. There must have been 200 boxes on the shelf and he wasn't done filling it up. This was after 8:15 p.m. on a Saturday evening, 45 minutes before they closed so it must have been interesting they next morning when they opened their doors. What was funny was the store was nearly empty and I was the only one in that aisle, no one was even noticing!
The winter has been long up here and I have only gone out shooting a few times in the last few months so what I have for ammo is lasting pretty well. I think I have enough to last me for most of the next year so I am waiting it out.
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