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I have several Mosin Nagant rifles. I shoot current production ammo out of them all the time. It is cheaper than buying Norma Brass. I keep the brass for reloading with.

The closest thing I see listed is a load listed by Hodgdaon for a 150 grain bullet at a max load with H4895 at 2938 FPS with a pressure of 46,300 CUP. Note it is also a compressed load. If you want the recipe it should be on the Hodgdon site.

The only 3K FPS loads I see listed use a 110 grain bullet. VV list a 123 grain bullet at 3229 using N135.

150 to 170 grain bullets tend to max pressure out in the 2500 to 2700 FPS range for most powders depending on more variables than I have time, and knowledge to list.

Just do everyone, and yourself a favor. Keep in the published load range, and start at the starting load, and work up carefuly watching for pressure signs.
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