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Model 70s are suppose to be blued with wood stocks).
Come on Kraig, where is your practical side.

And to prove I do at least have a little good taste.

The Alaskan wouldn't appeal to me. Too heavy, and more barrrel than I'd want. I plan to add irons and QD mounts to the SS Fwt in the first photo. It is 7.5 lbs as it sets and that is all the weight I want. Of the wood stocks Winchester currenty offer the Jack O'Connor tribute is the one that would most appeal to me.

But you buy rifles to suit yourself. If it makes you happy, I'm sure it is a quality rifle. All 3 of the SS rifles above are tack drivers and I've been very pleased with them. The 308 in the 3rd photo is 2008 FN made gun and it is a darn good rifle. The other 2 are Classics made between 1996 and `2000. I found the Fwt in the top photo NIB just about 1 year ago.
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