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I've had does stop the moment they hit my trail like someone smacked them in the head. I've also had does almost stick their head into my ground blind (with my oldest and I in it) before legal shooting light. I really think its dependent on location.

As for bucks, I've never had one scent me that I could see. I've been snagged moving, but have just not seen the reaction to scent. I had a buck that walked up to me, up a draw with me at the top, while I sat on the ground with my back on a blowdown wearing a borrowed orange jacket that almost made me look like the kid from "A Christmas Story". He got within finger football distance before I shot him. He looked at me several times and never thought about it.

I've also had bucks look up at me in the stand, like "something just doesn't look right", pause for a few moments, then move on. I've also had them look up and not think twice about it. I've had them walk under my stand and move on.

I don't go overboard with scent lock products, just wash my gear in scent free, try to bathe with scent free products, avoid petroleum, and just go hunt and pay attention to the wind. Either I will see deer or I won't. Either way, it's better than work.

All I can do is prep for the worst and hope for the best.

We won't talk about what happens when you eat baked beans with deer burger and sausage the night before. There's nothing like getting in your stand and it hitting you five minutes later. After a quick run down the ladder and stripping off clothes while running through the woods, deer crashing everywhere. You don't notice the cold when you have to crap!
Now, that was funny, and another reason to pack toilet paper in the pack in addition to blood trailing!

BTW, I also know first-hand that coons will take large offense to coon cover scent. Beware large, angry male coons walking up to your stand if you use it!
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