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All you need to do is match the grain of the bullet for practice and carry ...and you should be fine.

In my view, it won't make any difference if its a 124 gr FMJ RN or a JHP...

but Montana Gold makes a 124gr JHP if that's what you want...
I practice with a full sized 1911 in 9mm a lot ( 6 - 8 boxes a week ) ....and 1 or 2 boxes a week on a full sized 1911 in .45acp .../ and I carry the full sized 1911 in .45 acp ..../ I shoot a 115 gr FMJ bullet in 9mm for practice and carry the .45 acp with 230gr hollow points.../ and it allows me to practice for less than $7 a box vs $ 12 a box in .45 acp...

( I have both guns with me today ....4 boxes of 9mm / 2 boxes of .45 acp ....and it'll be a good way to break up my afternoon for a few hours / with a little fun ....some double taps, reload drills, in and out of a holster, etc ) the one in a gazillion chance that I ever need a gun for Defense, in my opinion, ...while it what works for me.../...everybody should do whatever they find to be the best option for them.

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