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The less you stretch brass, the longer it lasts. Board member Hummer90 has gotten upwards of 200 loads from some cases, but had special chamber reamers made so they come out of the chamber very close to the size they will be resized to later, including special narrow chamber necks so the neck expands only a half thousandth to a thousandth.

Best accuracy often involves at least slight resizing of the sides of the case. This is because uneven wall thickness tends to put a case head and neck slightly off center. Slight resizing of the sides and pushing the shoulder back 0.001" will let the case self-center the neck and bullet at firing. However, if you are careful to orient the case headstamp the same way each time, then you're tending to reposition better as-fired.

For neck sizing, the least expensive tool turns out to be one of the best.
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