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.308 Galil, do they exist in the states?

So I was reading and being a typical nerd researching the history of various historical military rifles and came across something interesting.

Apparently, there was a civilian semi auto Galil chambered in 7.62x51, and was meant for export and sale in the US. I personally don't think I've ever seen one and I presume that's becuase they're quite rare (Kind of like the FN FNC) due to the ban on importation of military style firearms from foreign countries etc.

Has anyone actually handled one of these rifles before, how do they hold up. I'll likely never be able to afford to buy one even if I did find one, but it certainly has me intrigued.

Now, if I'm incorrect, please correct me, I've not been able to find a lot of information pertaining to this, so it could be that I've got invalid information in regards to this.
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