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Please read over a few of the recent forum posts re; selecting a new firearm for defense/CC.
1st, I'd suggest taking your friend to a gun range & have her shoot-handle different weapons. Guns she may want to buy or really carry; a snub .38spl revolver(K or J frame size), a .22LR revolver or semi auto pistol, a compact or sub-compact 9x19mm(9mm Luger).
She may have problems with aiming/marksmanship or it may be hard for her to operate a semi-auto pistol.
ANY firearm she may buy or get should be fully able to field-strip, load-unload, clean, hold, etc.
If she(not you or a gun shop sales clerk) can't do these basic functions then do not have her buy the firearm.
She should also learn the gun/use of force laws and understand that firearms are for lethal force. Guns are not toys, fashion statements, props or bluffs.

If she can not honestly hold a person at gun-point or be ready to use lethal force in a real, high stress event, then she should not get a firearm.
Have her get the proper gun care & cleaning products too.
For defense or carry, have her use only factory made, high quality ammunition no reloads or hand-loads.

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