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Unfortunately, those 60 grain slugs of Aguila SSS bullets keyhole at 25 yards when shot out of my rifle, which has a 1 turn in 16 inches rifling pitch.
Oddly enough, they don't keyhole when shot out of my Smith and Wesson model 17 revolver. I'm not sure what the rifling pitch is, it's hard to measure it accurately when the barrel is so short that the rifling only makes a half or third of a turn through the length of the barrel.
In my limited experience it seems that revolvers have slightly faster than "normal" twist. the "standard" twist for 22LR seems to be 1:16. The ruger single actions have 1:14 twist for the same bullet. I wouldn't doubt the S&W has a similar twist and that's why it would stabilize the 60 gr bullets.

Ive been interested in the Aguila SSS 60gr but haven't been able to find any rifles with a fast enough twist. Even shilen's aftermarket .22lr barrels still come in 1:16.
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