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Massad Ayoob; 5lbs...

Author, legal use of force expert & sworn LE officer: Massad Ayoob says a single action, 1911a1 type pistol should have a 5lb trigger with no creep. He says it should feel like a glass rod breaking.
For a smooth DA pull I like about 8-10 lbs. some DAO or duty type pistols go from 10-14 lbs. 12-14lbs is a bit much IMO.
New designs like the Beretta C(constant), the HK LEM(law enforcement modification) & SIG Sauer DAK(Double Action Kellerman) are great for duty, armed citizen defense, IMO.

About 2 years ago, I went into a local FFL holder/gun shop and asked a young clerk to see the SIG Sauer DAK pistols. "Only cops & federal agents want to look at those." he said. "exactly", I responded.
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