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In MD I had to wait a month in February for my WASR-10, but I'm pretty sure that was a MDSP delay, as the NICS check for the Mossberg 590 I picked up last week required only minutes to go through.

MD has both a 7-day waiting period for handguns/"assault weapons" and a 1/month statute. The fascinating thing is that MD also allows residents to become a "Designated Collector" (w/o a fee!) which permits you to obtain as many as you want (and can afford, I guess, but that's up to the D.C. ) whenever you want. It doesn't waive the 7-day wait, though. It can be frustrating to handle your new piece, then have to wait over a week to bring it home.

And I wonder if it occurs to any of our Beloved Leaders that a "cool off" period makes ZERO sense for someone that already has a gun.
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