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Here is a NY Times piece asking for a new 2nd Amend version that would clarify the issues. The author seems to think that one could come up with one that would guarantee some rights to own guns but of course, would take out the EBRs. We all agree on that, it seems.

Another point, which I made elsewhere, that Scalia's prose is coming back to haunt us with reasonable restrictions, etc.

Last, the assault flintlock is funny but has a hidden meaning that we are nuts for wanting such evil guns as we do now. Note other countries don't have an RKBA and thus they are somehow better. Only some South American countries have the right also but it is limited.

The problem with a clarification, so to speak - is that it could be the Joe Biden Amendment.

All Americans have the right to a double barrel shotgun, providing they shoot it in the air or through the door.
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