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Patriot86 He is already sticking his nose in it. When all this craziness started he said on the radio that he dosnt understand why anyone needs an non resident concelled carring permit for. (CCW) I was going to look into it!!! So I went and took the class about a month ago so if he does screw that up I might be grandfathered in...
And with the lawsuit who has the money to fight the state if not backed by the NRA? I know I dont have the money... And that is why we just sit back and let them make up there own rules from diffrent town to town. As they see fit!!!

2ndsojourn did you get purchase permits and a firearms ID card also? If you got the FID card then I know they finger print you for that, but just the get your PPP I have never heard that before... But we are talking about NJ so nothing surpises me with these untouchable politicians in this state..
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